Grace Coddington and Her Pajamas Are the Met Gala's True Winners

While everyone and their mothers were going off about Beyoncé and Rihanna last night, the true winner of the Met Gala slipped under the radar in a pair of blue silk pajamas that were both attractive and functional, allowing her to walk, unencumbered, through the crowds of people with miles of cloth around their waists. »5/05/15 4:00pm5/05/15 4:00pm

Instagram Suspends Grace Coddington For Posting a Drawing of Nipples

Instagram, a photo sharing app based around the principles of whimsical photo filters and screaming whenever you even think about a human breast, is up to its old tricks: Vogue creative director Grace Coddington had her account suspended, then reinstated, after she put up a pencil drawing of herself topless. In the… »5/19/14 5:45pm5/19/14 5:45pm

Anna Wintour Went to a Kanye Concert and We Have So Many Questions

Did she have fun? Did she acknowledge the Kardashian-Jenners sitting a few seats over? Did she even exchange words with her seatmate Grace Coddington? Did she bob (heh) awkwardly along with the performance while hoping that none of the selfie-taking, screaming plebeians around her would notice that she can't dance? »11/20/13 3:25pm11/20/13 3:25pm

Grace Coddington Thinks Young Designers Need More Hardship In Their Lives

Grace Coddington says that young designers could stand to have "a few things going wrong in their life. I mean, I hate to say it, but it teaches you a hell of a lot, you know." Coddington continues, "I think they need time, and I think too many of the young designers really think that they can step right out of school… »11/19/12 3:10pm11/19/12 3:10pm

Grace Coddington Lost Her Virginity With A Man Named Tinker

Grace Coddington's forthcoming memoir is excerpted in this month's Vogue. The passage is full of anecdotes about London and Paris in the 1950s and 60s — the life of a struggling newbie model, an engagement ended by an affair, flights over the channel with a pilot boyfriend who liked to do loop-the-loops, "snotty… »10/19/12 6:15pm10/19/12 6:15pm

Grace Coddington Is Even More Interesting Than We Thought

Among the insights contained in More Intelligent Life's sensitively written profile of Vogue's Grace Coddington is that she was once briefly married to Michael Chow, who founded the restaurant Mr. Chow. (It only lasted six months, because, Coddington says, "I was useless at being a restaurateur's wife — much too shy… »3/15/11 12:06pm3/15/11 12:06pm