Katy Perry Thinks Geishas Are 'The Masters of Loving Unconditionally'

If the goal of the celebrity profile is to learn something we didn't know about a person we know far too much about, GQ contributor Amy Wallace did her job when she interviewed Katy Perry for the February issue of the magazine. We now have details about GeishaGate 2013, Katy's breasts, and aliens. » 1/21/14 12:20pm 1/21/14 12:20pm

Things We'd Miss If the Internet Didn't Exist

Anthony Weiner is not gone. He may have lost his bid for New York Mayor but as a new profile in GQ reveals, he's still chuggin' along, full of thoughts and opinions and what-ifs. Case in point: "...maybe if the Internet didn't exist? Like, if I was running in 1955? I'd probably get elected mayor," Weiner told the… » 10/17/13 3:00pm 10/17/13 3:00pm

Drake to GQ: Sex Is Not a Priority (But If You're Cool I'm Down)

Drake aka no one's boyfriend but my own took time away from his busy sweater-wearing life to talk to GQ about what he's up to right now, which means that they styled him to look like he's living in Miami in 1978 ("The rapper shows off this summer's biggest hit, white jeans"). Oh, and he also comments on He Who Must… » 6/18/13 12:20pm 6/18/13 12:20pm

The Lady's Guide To a One-Night Stand

Pseudonymous GQ sex columnist Siobhan Rosen, herself A Lady, just penned The Gentleman’s Guide to a One-Night Stand, which, while covering some doy-level basic rules for guys (Use protection! Don’t get so drunk that your parts don't work!) assumes that there are certain things that Ladies—as an amorphous, tank-topped… » 4/13/13 3:00pm 4/13/13 3:00pm

That's Not Emma Watson Slutting It Up on the Cover of GQ UK, That's Her…

The May 2013 cover of GQ UK is basically a promotional still from Sofia Coppola's upcoming exploration of girlish materialism, The Bling Ring. The photo shoot features Emma Watson posing as her character in the film, Nicki, a real "thieving Valley vixen" who stole from famous pretty people in the early 2000s. Wearing… » 4/05/13 4:15pm 4/05/13 4:15pm

Inside the Twisted Mind of Buzz Bissinger, Straight Male Shopaholic

There are many, many WTF sentences in Buzz Bissinger's epic, shocking, nauseating, hilarious and infuriating piece for GQ titled "My Gucci Addiction." The 58-year-old writer, husband and father of three — best known for the book Friday Night Lights — details his compulsive buying quite frankly, and you may find… » 3/26/13 4:30pm 3/26/13 4:30pm

GQ's Sexiest Women List Includes 'Hottest Chinese Chick' and 'Hottest…

Maxim Gentleman's Quarterly, which is not a quarterly, and is apparently not run by gentlemen (burn!), so the entire magazine is a lie, released its ranking of the 100 sexiest women of the century — of the MOTHERFUCKING 21st CENTURY, you guys. Well, we're only thirteen years into the century but still, any excuse for… » 1/20/13 9:30pm 1/20/13 9:30pm

Insane GQ Article Makes It Overwhelmingly Clear That Beyoncé Is a Robot

We here at Jezebel are capable of a little self reflection. We know that we can be over the top with our love of Beyoncé sometimes. How could we not be when she's the greatest fucking performer to have ever opened her mouth and made noise come out of it? Look, see? We're doing it again. Like I said, it happens and we … » 1/10/13 5:55pm 1/10/13 5:55pm