Drunk Driver Gets Stuck in a Sand Trap After Her GPS Tells Her to…

The dangers of driving drunk are well-known, but apparently technology has created a new one: overreliance on one's GPS. Earlier this week, a 47-year-old woman in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, got behind the wheel of her car after having a bit too much to drink, but instead of wreaking havoc on the road, she ended up lodged … » 6/20/12 11:15pm 6/20/12 11:15pm

17-Year-Old Rape Victim Is Released After Being Forced to Spend 25…

Good news: the justice system in Sacramento has finally done something good for the teenaged rape victim who was being held in a juvenile detention facility to ensure she would be in court to testify against her alleged attacker. You may remember that she was held after she failed to show up to two previous court… » 4/18/12 11:15pm 4/18/12 11:15pm

Amazing Little Girl Can Give Better Directions Than Any GPS

So many of us have become completely dependent on our phones and GPS systems for guidance, that we'd be hard pressed to give someone directions to the nearest corner if asked. Well, not this little genius. She's got the route to her house down pat—and it's not an easy path to travel. I wish there was a way to have… » 2/09/12 9:45pm 2/09/12 9:45pm

What Do You Bother Lying About Anymore?

What do you lie about? This was a subject addressed today on The View, and it had me anxiously rubbing the neurons together because I am a really bad liar, which is okay, because my job allows me to be honest, for instance: instead of writing this post I have been refreshing the comments on other posts to see what you… » 3/28/08 4:30pm 3/28/08 4:30pm