Report: Don't Blame Chris Christie, Blame His Right-Hand Woman

According to an internal review, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is free and clear of any charges that he was involved in a high school-style prank to close lanes on the George Washington Bridge. Not cleared: His now-fired deputy chief of staff of intergovernmental affairs Bridget Anne Kelly, who is being thrown… »3/28/14 3:15pm3/28/14 3:15pm

What the Government's Comprehensive Study of Sex Work Got Wrong, According to a Sex Worker

Last week, the Urban Institute released a study sponsored by the Justice Department that focused on the underground commercial sex trade in eight major U.S. cities over approximately 10 years. While it was billed as a "landmark" report—first of its kind, etc.—it mostly revealed the government's ignorance about the… »3/19/14 4:49pm3/19/14 4:49pm

Samantha Bee Gets a Federally Funded Penis Pump Stuck to her Face

One of the most repeated shouting points against Obamacare's birth control mandate comes from politicians on the right who claim that "their" tax dollars shouldn't go to support "sexual choices" of women who use whore pills. Meanwhile, the same politicians are eerily silent about the millions of dollars per year the… »3/13/14 1:50pm3/13/14 1:50pm

Hide Ur Men! Senate Confirms 'Radical Feminist' Judge To Federal Court

Earlier this year, feminist boners across the country deflated when the filibuster-happy Senate Republicans blocked the nomination of Ginsburg-in-waiting Judge Nina Pillard to the federal bench. But now, thanks to the death of the filibuster, the Senate was able to go ahead and confirm her. Radical! »12/12/13 5:30pm12/12/13 5:30pm

Government Will Stay Closed For As Long As It Takes to Eradicate Sluts

Now that the government shutdown is in what feels like it elevendieth week, everything seems too stupid to be real, and here's a perfect example of why: the GOP's continued insistence that the United States government remain in stinky, stale deadlock until liberals agree to allow business owners to bar the sluts who… »10/15/13 7:20pm10/15/13 7:20pm

Your BFF Cory Booker Easily Won the New Jersey Senate Primary

Cory Booker just locked down the Democratic nomination for one of New Jersey's United States Senate seats. With the vote still being counted, the AP projected a win by Booker, who had a wide lead over his nearest challenger, Representative Frank Pallone. Come October, it's most likely buh-bye Newark, and hello Mr.… »8/13/13 9:30pm8/13/13 9:30pm

Meet the Men of Congress's Powerful Douchebag Caucus

This week, boringly wacky Congressperson Trent Franks' dumb, dumb, dumb 20 week abortion ban advanced one step closer to becoming a law at the federal level*. Helping his constitutionally flaccid bill along was an all-male chorus of YEA votes in the nincompoopery-intense House Judiciary Committee — or, as we're going… »6/14/13 12:05pm6/14/13 12:05pm

Mothers, Don't Let Your Girls Grow Up to Love Morally Upright Spies

Last week, several media outlets obtained leaked information that revealed that the United States government, in collaboration with several major corporations, has been secretly collecting a metric fuckton of data on its citizens without their knowledge or consent, all as part of a Bond villainesquely named program… »6/10/13 11:40am6/10/13 11:40am

Congress May Soon Let Us Bring Dogs on Special Squee Trains

Good news, lovers of furry domestic mammals! The House of Representatives introduced legislation on Tuesday that would require Amtrak (the government-subsidized rail system that brings so much joy to so many commuters along the Northeastern corridor) to let passengers bring their dogs or cats on specially-designated… »5/23/13 9:30am5/23/13 9:30am