Here's a Video of Two Baby Gorillas. You're Welcome.

Here's a video out of Israel's Ramat Gan safari park where two female gorillas — Anya and Lia — have both recently given birth to teeny-tiny cubs. You guuuuuuuuys, these babies are so clingy and wrinkly that I can hardly take it. And did you see the part where one of the moms pats her baby on the head? It's like… » 11/15/12 2:20pm 11/15/12 2:20pm

Gorillas Dismantle Poachers' Traps on First Leg of World Comeback Tour

Hey, how about some slightly heartwarming news on this day of incomprehensible crap? After one of their companions was ensnared by a hunter's trap in Rwanda, it seems that young endangered gorillas are getting the last laugh. Or, uh, last terrifying jungle scream. Conservationists say a trio of juveniles in Rwanda has… » 7/20/12 1:20pm 7/20/12 1:20pm