Even Lindsey Graham Thinks Donald Trump Is an Asshole

Donald Trump had a very Trump-ish weekend. During a Saturday rally held in Phoenix, the presidential candidate promised a group of nouveau Know-Nothings that he would banish “the illegals.” “This has become a movement,” Trump said. “The silent majority is back, and we’re going to take our country back ... the word is… »7/12/15 12:05pm7/12/15 12:05pm

Nearly 200,000 People Care Enough To Listen To Donald Trump Talk At Michele Bachmann On The Phone

The man with the hair we're supposed to ignore and the woman with the eyes we can't ignore have teamed up to have a phone conversation that we wish we could ignore. Donand Trump joined Michele Bachmann on a phone call to promote the Minnesota Congresswoman's Presidential campaign on Monday, and, as you might expect,… »10/18/11 1:00pm10/18/11 1:00pm