Why Is CNN Making These Gentle, Lovely, Entirely Free Campaign Ads for the GOP Candidates?

CNN, for reasons known only to them and their makers, is hosting a series of “town halls” this week with the remaining three GOP candidates and their families. The Trump edition aired last night: it featured gentle questions from Anderson Cooper and a loving, adulatory audience. It was fucking gross. This whole…


John Kasich Really Is a Tremendous Dick, According to Everyone Who Knows Him 

Ohio Governor John Kasich, a man who is still more or less running for president, has made what little headway he’s attained by insisting that he’s a really nice guy, the only adult in the room, the best man for the job, etc. As a New York Times story today points out, that niceness is belied by anyone who’s ever met…

GOP Candidates' Demand Letter to TV Networks: No 'Frivolousness' or 'Lightening' Rounds in Debates

The GOP presidential candidates, as we know, are very mad about being asked questions during the CNBC debate, and would like to keep such a thing from ever happening again. Washington Post reporters Robert Costa and Dave Weigel got hold of the letter they sent to every network hosting a debate. It’s amazing.