Google Glass and Pick-Up Artistry Combine in a Futuristic Hellscape

Infinity Augmented Reality, a New-York based tech company currently working on some wacky technology stuff, has offered us a glimpse into the future. In the future, apparently, rich people will be able to don augmented reality glasses in order to accomplish a lot of cool guy things, such as playin' pool with a… »12/19/13 5:15pm12/19/13 5:15pm

Your Favorite Google Glass Porn App Has Removed All Its Porn

Remember last month when Google went totally L7 on us and nixed the Google Glass app Tits and Glass for violating the company's rules for uploading? As a part of its terms and conditions, Google Glass forbids the uploading of any application that contains "nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material" and… »6/27/13 6:30pm6/27/13 6:30pm