Google's New Street View Tour Of London Aquatic Center Stars Tom Daley

Thanks to Google, you can take a virtual tour of the London Olympics Aquatic Centre located in Stratford (shoutout to my Nando's), complete with some ab-tastic Tom-foolery. Tom Daley that is.

You can see a full panorama of the center, including the pool area, the gym, and the sports science lab. Most importantly, you… » 3/16/14 4:00pm 3/16/14 4:00pm

Parents Hope Their Sons Are Geniuses and Their Daughters Aren't Fat

Another reason to feel bad for today's little girls: one day, the straight ones will grow up to face a dating selection consisting of doted upon nightmare boys raised by parents who used the power of the internet to validate their sneaking suspicion that their lil' All Star might be a genius. Meanwhile, the girls'… » 1/22/14 4:45pm 1/22/14 4:45pm

RIP 'First' and 'Gay': YouTube Comments at the End of an Era

Gone are the days when YouTube viewers could be as nasty as they wanna be—anonymously, that is. The video-sharing site now requires commenters to sign in with a Google+ account, meaning that whatever they say will be attached to their real names. And people are not happy about it. » 11/08/13 5:00pm 11/08/13 5:00pm

Ad for UN Women Campaign Duplicates Awful Google Search Suggestions

This ad, created for the United Nations Women campaign (which is unfortunately shortened to the UN Women campaign), becomes more devastating when you realize that the Google search boxes are the results of genuine searches, and although the ad-crafting and Googling were all done by Christopher Hunt at Ogilvy & Mather in … » 10/20/13 1:00pm 10/20/13 1:00pm

Motorola Is Selling Its Moto X Superphone With Dick Jokes (Updated)

The Moto X leaves a terrific first impression. It's well-built, it's fast, it comes in a variety of trims. On the one hand, it exudes the kind of class that you'd expect from mature, seasoned companies like Google and Motorola. On the other hand, dick jokes. » 8/01/13 9:00pm 8/01/13 9:00pm

Major Health Websites Are Leaking Your Embarrassing STD Search Results

Don't do it. Don't Google "difference between genital warts and razor burn" or "what is gout exactly" + "images." Don't do it, because you'll end up diagnosing yourself with brain cancer or mono — all online hypochondriacs eventually come to that fork in the road — when all you have is an ingrown hair, but also because some… » 7/15/13 3:40pm 7/15/13 3:40pm

Your Morning Cry: French Gay Marriage Ad Will Use Up All Your Kleenex

On May 18, 2013, France legalized same-sex marriage. In support of the passage, Google created this ridiculously sweet ad for their Skype rip-off, Google Hangouts, and now we're all gonna cry our faces off watching it. Grab a roll of toilet paper, and vive la amour révolution! (I did poorly on my French AP.) » 6/17/13 9:30am 6/17/13 9:30am

Surprise, Surprise: Google Made the Sweetest Mother's Day Ad Ever

Ugh, of course Google went and created the sweetest Mother's Day ad ever. OF COURSE they did because that's what those manipulative jerks do. They go and put together a bunch of sweet footage of babies falling asleep and adult daughters telling their moms that they're going to be grandmas and a mother embracing her… » 5/07/13 3:40pm 5/07/13 3:40pm

Don't Even Worry About Those Drunk Pics of You Streaking. Your College…

For a long time, when you googled my BFF, now a successful literary manager, one of the first things that popped up was a review of a production of Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra that she directed in the basement of a pizzeria. The review was, how do I put this, fucking awful and specifically called my friend out… » 12/27/12 6:50pm 12/27/12 6:50pm