Author Stalks Anonymous Blogger Who Gave Her a 1-Star Review

On Friday, The Guardian posted a piece by author Kathleen Hale, a well-connected young author who once became so obsessed with the writer of a one-star review of her novel on Goodreads that she stalked her, only to find that the critic was using a fake name and identity. Can you pick a side yet? I'm on Team Nobody. »10/20/14 4:40pm10/20/14 4:40pm

Woman Reads Worst Ever Erotic Fiction to Fiancé; His Face Will Kill You

Real is a book about boxing and fame and broken dreams. It's also a book about sex. Dirty, disgusting sex that's full of grit and gravel and animalistic pounding (with cocks only). Sex that's so ridiculous, that one GoodReads reviewer had to share it with her boyfriend. His reactions? Priceless. And how could they not… »8/06/14 8:00pm8/06/14 8:00pm