Bye, I Hate It 

I moved to New York two days before starting work at Gawker in the fall of 2014. When I walked up the stairs to the office in Soho I was acutely unsure of how to hold my body so I wouldn’t seem terrified: the only person I knew in the building was Emma, who had taken me to Jezebel from the Hairpin, where it had just…

Getting The Hell Out Of Dodge

When I started writing for Jezebel today, it was a site full of promise. OK, maybe not full of promise, but I had some expectations. I expected that this feminist site and I would have some laughs and some learning and that everyone would agree that what I say is correct and that different opinions are wrong. I just…

It's Such A Pity

So, Anna returns to triumphantly retake the Jezebel helm on Monday, which makes it time for me to say a fond farewell to you guys here on Jezebel and to slink on back to Wonkette. I have to say that this has been a really strange and interesting couple of weeks for me as it was hard to walk that line between revealing