Why Do So Many People Think They Know the Best Way for a Woman to Live? 

Rebecca Solnit, the essayist best known for Men Explain Things to Me—a book whose lens on gender and violence expands much further than the brief excerpt on “mansplaining” that it’s become known for—has written a new essay for Harper’s called “The Mother of All Questions,” and it’ll be one of the best things, easily,… »11/04/15 5:00pm11/04/15 5:00pm


5 Insane Things From Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine, Spring 2015

If the wedding planning galaxy is a weirdo cosmic circus into which no woman is adequately prepared to be flung until it’s far too late, Martha Stewart Weddings magazine is that galaxy’s big fat Jupiter: Dazzling and marbled with soft, undulating peachy-pink colors on the outside; turbulent, full of hot air, and… »5/21/15 1:45pm5/21/15 1:45pm

Hundreds Attend Little Girl’s Party After Classmates Turn Down Invite

Residents of a Minnesota town got together to help make a little girl’s birthday unforgettable when no one showed up to her party. After receiving “no’s” from every single classmate that was invited to her daughter’s 10th birthday party, a woman named Jenny Moretter turned to Facebook to air her grievances, resulting… »4/19/15 5:55pm4/19/15 5:55pm