What Happens When You Give Teenage Girls Free IUDs? 

It's hard to think of a segment of the American population that could benefit more from long-acting contraceptives than the teenager. Effectively using birth control can be difficult no matter how old you are, but preventing pregnancy presents singular challenges for adolescents. There's the mortification of fitting a… »3/24/15 12:15pm3/24/15 12:15pm


They're Rebuilding the Titanic Because What Could Possibly Go Wrong

You know how the movie Titanic makes the real Titanic seem like the most fun ever? Every time, I watch it, I think to myself, "Why was I born now and not then when I could have been on that boat?" The parties? The class divisions? The multiple spoons and nudie pics? Does that all not just scream "harmless fun that we… »2/19/13 3:00pm2/19/13 3:00pm

Visually-Impaired Teen Starts Clever Braille Menu Business

A 15-year-old visually-impaired girl from the far-flung New Orleans suburb of Mandeville recently noticed a really frustrating trend in the local restaurant industry — hardly anybody was offering braille menus, which means that visually-impaired diners either have to listen to a menu-long recitation from a patient… »7/19/12 9:30am7/19/12 9:30am