Cambridge University Ditches Gone With the Wind Ball Theme Because Duh

A college at Cambridge University has been forced to revamp its annual spring dance, after complaints that their original inspiration was, well, racist. The objectionable subject matter? Gone with the Wind. Again, this is 2014 and these were students at the United Kingdom's Cambridge University, not Ole Miss. »3/19/14 12:01pm3/19/14 12:01pm

For Fifty Grand, Scarlett O’Hara’s Breakfast Gown Can Be All Yours

If you have a huge pile of money just sitting on your kitchen table collecting cockroaches, you might want to consider putting in a bid for the blue accordion-pleated silk sleeping gown Scarlett O’Hara was wearing when Bonnie Blue Butler falls off the pony (and, spoiler alert, dies) in Gone with the Wind. How else… »10/27/13 8:30pm10/27/13 8:30pm