'Accomplished' Goldman Managing Director Faces Rape Charges

Goldman Sachs managing director Jason Lee is facing arraignment on charges of raping a woman at his rental Hamptons getaway this summer. His publicist says he's a “very accomplished individual” — as we all know, rich accomplished men always fully understand the meaning of sexual consent — who looks forward to… »9/20/13 11:00am9/20/13 11:00am

Goldman Sachs Was Like a 'Frat on Steroids,' Says Former Female Employee

There's been some debate lately over how the ladies are treated at Goldman Sachs, given the firm's recent announcement that only 14 percent of its new partners are female. Some dudes hypothesized that women were perhaps too busy with babies and cookies (yep) to make it to the top, while others suggested that maybe,… »11/26/12 3:55pm11/26/12 3:55pm

How Goldman Sachs Invested in Child Sex Trafficking

Investment bank Goldman Sachs isn't one of America's most popular institutions right now—given the country's anti-Wall Street sentiment and their participation in the near total collapse of the global economy. And now things are about to get a teensy bit worse for them. After a little digging, Nick Kristof of the New… »4/02/12 11:20am4/02/12 11:20am