GoldieBlox Threatens Princess Culture With Hammer-Toting Dolls

GoldieBlox is coming for the mainstream standard of beauty in 2014, with action figures equipped with hammers and tool belts. Are you ready? The better question, is your little sister, daughter, niece or play cousin prepared for ... toy diversity? » 11/05/14 5:10pm 11/05/14 5:10pm

Beastie Boys Let GoldieBlox Keep Their Toys, For a Price

GoldieBlox and the Beastie Boys have ended their legal dispute over copyright infringement with a secret settlement. The financial sum has not been disclosed, but I'm assuming GoldieBlox has to pay the Beasties and promise not to sample their work again. Here’s hoping the start-up toy company can withstand this blow… » 3/18/14 12:00pm 3/18/14 12:00pm

GoldieBlox Means Well But Doesn't Live Up to the Hype

GoldieBlox has inspired much enthusiasm among adults. The concept—disrupt the pink aisle! provide girls with an alternative to princess-mania!—is the stuff TED talks and viral videos are made of. But are the toys actually any good? Those videos aren't just a P.S.A. campaign—they're advertisements. And there, the… » 2/11/14 3:20pm 2/11/14 3:20pm

GoldieBlox's Super Bowl Ad Is Charming, Inspiring and Groundbreaking

This one features girls rampaging through the streets with their dollhouses, pink washing machines, and other stereotypical girl toys and then affixing them to a pink rocket, which they then launch into space to the Quiet Riot-esque tune, "Come On Get Your Toys." » 2/03/14 11:20am 2/03/14 11:20am

GoldieBlox Pulls Beastie Boys' Song from Viral Video

After a week of back-and-forth, it looks like the copyright scrap between toy company GoldieBlox and the Beastie Boys saga might finally be drawing to a close, just in time for everyone's lawyers to go home for Thanksgiving. » 11/27/13 6:20pm 11/27/13 6:20pm

Beastie Boys to Girls: Get Your Own Damn Song

The Beastie Boys are threatening to sue GoldieBlox because the toy company used a parody of the Beastie Boys' song Girls in their awesome video showing little girls using an enormous Rube Goldberg contraption to turn off a shitty princess TV ad. Along with Universal Music, the Beastie Boys sent a letter to GoldieBlox… » 11/24/13 11:30pm 11/24/13 11:30pm

Little Girls Defeat Princess Culture with Giant Rube Goldberg Machine

I hope you're ready to be blown away, because everything about this video has got it all: a hearty rejection of princess dogma, children scream-singing about female empowerment, a giant Rube Goldberg machine... » 11/19/13 5:15pm 11/19/13 5:15pm

Watch a Hoard of Fierce Little Girls Riot for Better Toys

Last year, Stanford engineering student Debbie Sterling founded GoldieBlox, a construction toy meant to "prove to the world that engineering for girls is a mainstream concept." The company strives to encourage little girls to remain interested in engineering by engaging them in story-oriented building (the way boys… » 7/08/13 7:45pm 7/08/13 7:45pm

GoldieBlox, the Engineering Toy for Girls, Is a Reality After a Moving…

In August, Debbie Sterling, an engineer from Stanford, launched a Kickstarter campaign in an attempt to fund GoldieBlox — a construction toy for girls. Sterling explains that she created the toy because: » 11/16/12 2:30pm 11/16/12 2:30pm