Amber Riley, All Black People, Want You to Stop Touching Their Hair

In today's Tweet Beat, Amber Riley has some important words for white people, Goldie Hawn is in India and nobody believes that story, Khloé. » 2/25/15 7:30pm 2/25/15 7:30pm

Fucking Sexism Is the Reason We Don't Have a First Wives Club 2

The First Wives Club, the best movie ever made, was a big enough success at the box office that it could have had a sequel. But as star Goldie Hawn reveals in a new interview, it was men who kept The First Wives Club 2 from happening. And all of a sudden, I'm the big drag! I'm holding him back because I won't go… » 2/19/15 3:00pm 2/19/15 3:00pm

No, You Are Not Invited to Join This Coven

Here are Goldie Hawn, Donatella Versace and Kate Hudson at the Atelier Versace Spring/Summer 2015 show on Sunday evening. More photos of these perfect witches after the jump (including more angles of Kate's crazy dress). » 1/26/15 4:30pm 1/26/15 4:30pm

Kathy Griffin and Goldie Hawn Lay the Gloss On Thick

In today's Tweet Beat, Kathy Griffin and Goldie Hawn love lipgloss and Instagram filters, Bill Murray has excellent taste in jackets and selfie poses and I would love to attend a mashup of Billy Eichner and Mindy Kaling's parties. » 10/22/14 7:30pm 10/22/14 7:30pm

Frances McDormand Hates Plastic Surgery and Wants Actors to Quit It

Full disclosure: I have adored Frances McDormand since her turn as Professor Elaine Miller in 2000's Almost Famous. But now that I know she dressed up the Oscar she won for Fargo as a ranch man, I love her even more. » 10/15/14 7:50pm 10/15/14 7:50pm

Rebel Wilson Cast as the Lead in a Private Benjamin Remake

I SUPPORT THIS. Rebel Wilson has reportedly been cast in the Goldie Hawn role in a remake of the 1980 film Private Benjamin. Wilson will play a woman who joins the Marines because she is "going through some hard times." Hopefully, only the good kind of fat jokes will ensue. » 5/08/14 8:00pm 5/08/14 8:00pm

Nicki Minaj Says 'Selfish People Live Longer' in The Other Woman Clip

Nicki Minaj is here to serve you married ladies a shiver down your spine in a new clip for her upcoming film, The Other Woman. The movie surrounds a successful businesswoman (Cameron Diaz) who's dating a man — until she realizes that he's married. In a twist, she befriends his wife (Leslie Mann), and then they find… » 3/20/14 3:10pm 3/20/14 3:10pm

Rihanna Goes Grey After Brits Throw Potato Chips At Her During Show

The time has come, the walrus said, for Rihanna to put some grey streaks in her hair and call it #brrr. So she did. It looks cute, I think! Then she riffed on #brr for awhile: » 7/19/13 9:00am 7/19/13 9:00am

Robin Roberts Back at GMA, Will Interview Michelle Obama

Woot! After a five-month leave of absence to undergo a bone marrow transplant for a rare blood disorder, Robin Roberts has returned to Good Morning America, opening with: "I have been waiting 174 days to say this: 'Good Morning America." She added: "I keep pinching myself and I realize this is real. This is actually… » 2/20/13 9:00am 2/20/13 9:00am

Justin Bieber's Stolen Laptop and Possible Dick Pics Confuse America

Guys, the laptop that Justin Bieber reported stolen in Tacoma, Washington is a MacGuffin, just like the briefcase that Marcellus Wallace gives Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction. What really matters is whether the kid is fucking with us via a viral marketing stunt to promote his new single. » 10/13/12 11:30am 10/13/12 11:30am

Ahh! Beyoncé Might Be Pregnant Again

Blue Ivy is eight months old now, and there is some frantic speculation this morning that Beyoncé is pregnant again thanks to some "baby bump" shots taken at a restaurant in Washington Heights that could just as easily indicate Bey had a great meal; not necessarily that there is not another little BeyJay to look… » 9/25/12 9:00am 9/25/12 9:00am

Dina Lohan Admits She's The Mama Rose To Lindsay's Gypsy Rose Shitfaced

As that Philip Larkin poem goes, "They fuck you up, your mum and dad / They may not mean to, but they do / They lose track of you right around the wrap party for Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen / And then passively watch as you implode your own career." » 9/22/12 11:30am 9/22/12 11:30am

Kate Hudson Annoyed With Lea Michele's Diva Bullshit

Any A-lister who signs on to do a turn on Glee should clench their buttcheeks in preparation for the über-diva behavior from Lea Michele, yet they always seem disgruntled and surprised. WHY IS ANYONE SURPRISED? Kate Hudson, currently filming her guest stint as Rachel Berry's dance teacher, told some source that… » 8/31/12 9:00am 8/31/12 9:00am

Self-Proclaimed Troll Zach Galifianakis To Wed Tall Blonde Princess

Shrill, polarizing funnyman Zach Galifianakis just got engaged to his longtime girlfriend Quinn Lundberg and the couple's already planning the nuptials for August 11th. Lundberg is the co-founder of Growing Voices, a non-profit organization that connects international donors to community-based projects. » 6/26/12 9:00am 6/26/12 9:00am

Remarkable Women Dress Remarkably

Good Housekeeping's Annual Shine on Awards honoring remarkable women at Radio City Music Hall had no shortage of, well, remarkable women. And naturally, there were clothes to match. » 4/13/11 10:35am 4/13/11 10:35am

Goldie Hawn, typically playful. Heather Graham fully commits to the blush trend. Loving Rebecca Romijn's bold take on old-school…