Republican National Convention Attendees Sure Love Sugar Daddy Relationships

The 2012 GOP is a party that promises to return America to the imaginary 1950's white guy wonderland that only ever existed on the teevee, so it's no wonder one might find among its ranks individuals interested in relationships that adhere to, shall we say, antiquated models. Relationships where not only does the man… »9/04/12 5:20pm9/04/12 5:20pm

Fat Daters Compensate For Unattractiveness With Grad School, Money

Bad news, fatties. A new study from the Department of Making You Feel Bad has just released results of a new study that found that people with marriage on their mind don't want to date you. But there's a glimmer of good news among the bad: you can overcome your unlovable-ness by earning more money or going to school… »10/10/11 11:55am10/10/11 11:55am