Guy Accidentally Gets Invite to Bachelor Party, Raises $8K to Crash It

Joey DiJulio is a fun guy with a can-do attitude. That's why when he was invited to a stranger's bachelor party by mistake, he didn't just ask to be removed from the list (honestly, who would?) but read about the plans of the party with pleasure until he just couldn't take it anymore and said "I want to gooooo!!!"… »3/24/15 3:45pm3/24/15 3:45pm

Internet Thanks Dude Who Stopped Seattle Shooter, Pays for Honeymoon

Last Thursday, the west coast was the setting of yet another tragedy at the hands of a shooter. Suspect Aaron Ybarra allegedly opened fire at Seattle Pacific University, in an attack that left three wounded and one dead. But as the shooter reloaded his shotgun to continue, 22-year-old student and building monitor… »6/07/14 1:00pm6/07/14 1:00pm

Guardian Writer Gets Lambasted Over Insensitive Crowdfunding Column

Earlier this week, British musician Devonté Hynes lost all his belongings when a fire broke out in his apartment. Even more tragically, the fire killed his beloved dog Cupid. Seeking a way to help, the mother of his girlfriend Samantha Urbani (of the band Friends) started a Go Fund Me that has raised over $24,000 from… »12/19/13 3:50pm12/19/13 3:50pm