LeVar Burton Makes Dreams Come True, Reads "Go The Fuck to Sleep"

On the heels of successfully resurrecting Reading Rainbow, LeVar Burton is back to continue his campaign for your nostalgia-riddled heart. This time, he's using his talents to read the world's greatest goodnight story (after Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, that is, Go the Fuck to Sleep, by Adam Mansbach and illustrated by… »10/26/14 1:15pm10/26/14 1:15pm

Children's Book Go the Fuck to Sleep Is Getting a Fucking Film Adaptation

"Go the Fuck to Sleep," the children's book by Adam Mansbach, has already received the stamp of approval from cool parents everywhere, as well as internet notoriety and narrated versions by both Samuel L. Jackson (above) and Werner Herzog. But why stop there when the cash cow still has more milk in her? Fox 2000 has… »4/12/13 12:00pm4/12/13 12:00pm

Seriously, All of Us Really Need to Go the Fuck to Sleep

Yes, we all know in theory that we need to get more rest, but we never seem to actually do anything about it. Sure, part of our constant tiredness is due to circumstances beyond our control—we are too busy living to sleep—but maybe we need to start changing those circumstances because study after study seems to show… »6/11/12 1:10pm6/11/12 1:10pm

Let Samuel L. Jackson Tell Your Kids To "Go the Fuck to Sleep"

When award-winning novelist and author Adam Mansbach was dealing with his daughter's countless sleepless nights, he took to writing down his feelings on the fairly-frustrating matter. What resulted was Go The Fuck To Sleep, a children's book parody of that gut-feeling that a lot of us feel as we read our children… »6/15/11 11:10am6/15/11 11:10am