A Look Back at the Perfectly '70s Birth of Good Morning America

Good Morning America turned forty this month, celebrating with a marathon broadcast and a reunion of previous anchors. Its fierce rival Today is older, of course, dating back to 1952. However, GMA was launched in the mid 1970s, which presents a wonderful opportunity to gawk at wacky-ass throwback styles. »11/19/15 3:00pm11/19/15 3:00pm


TV Execs Don't Have to Say 'Lose Weight or You're Fired': It's Implied

Just a week after Julie Chen recounted how she was told that her career future hinged on getting eyelid surgery to make her eyes appear bigger, Good Morning America contributor Tory Johnson wrote a piece recalling the subtle but unmistakable way she was pressured into losing weight in order to keep her job. »9/17/13 8:30pm9/17/13 8:30pm

Iman and Naomi Campbell Fight Back Against Racism on the Runway

In what GMA is calling an "unprecedented" move, supermodels Iman, Naomi Campbell and Bethann Hardison are going after racism on the runway and publicly calling out the designers who fail to hire a diverse cast of models. While it's not actually unprecedented Jezebel's own Jenna Sauers and Dodai Stewart have been… »9/09/13 3:25pm9/09/13 3:25pm

Fearing Morning Show Espionage, NBC Forbid Ann Curry from Tweeting Well Wishes to Robin Roberts

A huge New York magazine cover story about the rubber band jungle of ill will and corporate fuckery that NBC's Today has become will probably make you realize how terribly unimportant feuding morning show anchors really are in the grand cosmic scheme of things. Then you'll come to the bit about how NBC's corporate… »3/26/13 7:00pm3/26/13 7:00pm

Robin Roberts Is Free of Blood Abnormalities, Should Return to GMA Sometime in February

Robin Roberts, looking as beautiful as can be with her lovely bald head, appeared on GMA via satellite to announce that, starting next week, she will be returning to the anchor desk for a trial run before coming back permanently at some point later in the winter. Roberts was forced to step away from Good Morning… »1/14/13 6:00pm1/14/13 6:00pm

Feds Demand Recall of the Nap Nanny Following the Deaths of 5 Infants

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has filed a complaint against Baby Matters LLC. to strong arm the company into removing their product the Nap Nanny — a portable cushion for babies that mimics the contours of a car seat — from the shelves and refunding buyers in full. The commission claims that they have… »12/06/12 1:00pm12/06/12 1:00pm

Nicole Westbrook Is Now America's #1 Tween Artist in Songs Related to Thanksgiving or Poultry

It's been less than a week since the internet caught wind of infant-tween Nicole Westbrook's "It's Thanksgiving," the newest hit to have been turned out by the totally legit and not-at-all shady ARK Music Factory, and the hate-fueled enthusiasm has yet to die down. Today, your Wisconsin aunt's favorite show Good… »11/13/12 6:00pm11/13/12 6:00pm

You Can Now Pay a Thai Woman $350 to Slap the Wrinkles Off of You

People, people, people. You are getting older. Every second that passes is another second away from your birth and closer to your death and that's okay. This is happening to literally every person that you will ever meet. It's a communal experience that, while maybe a little bit scary, brings us together and forces us… »10/24/12 2:40pm10/24/12 2:40pm

By the Rage of Rafalca: GMA Ruins Ann Romney's Family Recipe

Possible First Lady Ann Romney guest-anchored on Good Morning America this morning and it should have gone great. Whether or not you agree with her husband or her own politics, let's face it — Ann Romney is the perfect candidate to do the morning news. She's bubbly, warm-ish and has a coif of blond hair that never… »10/10/12 12:30pm10/10/12 12:30pm

Melrose Place Stars Reunite for Some Pool-Shoving

Tease your hair, put on a short skirt and grab yourself a drink because the cast that once made up TV's sexiest apartment complex is back. The stars behind Aaron Spelling's 90s hit Melrose Place are the latest to be reunited by Good Morning America and Entertainment Weekly as a part of their big reunion issue. Despite… »10/08/12 2:05pm10/08/12 2:05pm

Watch This Dickhead Issue a Non-Apology to Jennifer Livingston: 'Sorry If I Hurt Your Feelings'

Fat-shamer and real life Greenberg Kenneth Krause has finally issued an apology to Jennifer Livingston, the LaCrosse reporter who Krause thinks is just too fat for TV. And by "issued an apology," what we really mean is that he apologized in that classically frustrating "sorry if you were hurt by that totally… »10/05/12 2:00pm10/05/12 2:00pm