Watch Anderson Cooper Overshare about His Mom and Cunnilingus

Apparently, Cooper's mother (a VANDERBILT no less) made him proofread her memoir wherein she calls a lover the "Nijinsky of cunnilingus." The book is also about the other men in her life, but Cooper blessed us with that particular anecdote while discussing the Rob Ford scandal, proving that in 2013, all roads must… »12/27/13 3:20pm12/27/13 3:20pm


Anderson Cooper Can't Stop Talking About His Mother

If you've been finding yourself at home during the daytime, there's a decent chance you've stumbled upon Anderson Cooper's daytime show. The daytime syndicated series has shown us a new side of Mr. AC 360 — a softer, less serious, almost youthful side. He got a spray tan with Snooki, admitted his greatest fear is… »12/19/11 3:30pm12/19/11 3:30pm

Anderson Interviews Mother About His Brother's Suicide

Anderson Cooper kicked off week two of his syndicated talk show by sitting down with his 87-year-old mother Gloria Vanderbilt to talk about his brother Carter Vanderbilt Cooper's suicide in 1988. Gloria, who was present when Carter lept from the balcony of their New York penthouse, tells Anderson, "There was a moment… »9/19/11 10:34pm9/19/11 10:34pm