Talking to Meghan Daum About Selfishness, Being Childless by Choice

Today, 19 percent of women end their potential childbearing years without having had any children—making childlessness as common as it is irrationally controversial. We had the chance to talk about the topic with Meghan Daum: author, LA Times columnist, editor of the forthcoming essay collection Selfish, Shallow and… » 3/30/15 3:30pm Today 3:30pm

Gloria Steinem + a Birthday = the Perfect News Peg

March 25th is Gloria Steinem's 81st birthday. While it's not receiving the amount of attention her 80th got (people love big round numbers), newspaper archives reveal that since at least the age of 45, Gloria's ever-increasing age has been as good a reason as any to find something to say about her. Scratch that:… » 3/23/15 6:00pm 3/23/15 6:00pm

Gloria Steinem Says Black Women Invented the Feminist Movement

During Black Enterprise's Women of Power Summit in Fort Lauderdale recently, Gloria Steinem acknowledged women of color as the authors of feminism, saying they were the real leaders of the initial push for change. From Stacey Tisdale's interview with Steinem: » 3/20/15 5:00pm 3/20/15 5:00pm

Chris Hemsworth's Sexy Brothers Showed Up To SNL

Last night I found out Chris Hemsworth is an actor who acts in some films where he carries around a big stone. I also found out he has two hot brothers (three if you include Kenan Thompson). Hemsworth - who hosted SNL last night - invited his hot brothers on stage to stand with him in his opening monologue. They… » 3/08/15 10:25am 3/08/15 10:25am

Gloria Steinem Gets a Clit Ring! (No, Not That Kind)

Here's Gloria Steinem showing off a ring cast in the form of the internal clitoris by jewelry designer Penolopijones. How orgasmic! » 3/05/15 6:00pm 3/05/15 6:00pm

Marisa Tomei to Play Gloria Steinem in Mini-Series About Ms. Magazine

HBO's fascination with feminist all-star Gloria Steinem continues: the channel is reportedly working on a mini-series about Steinem and the creation of Ms. Magazine, starring Marisa Tomei, with Kathy Najimy playing Bella Abzug. Oh, and it's being produced by George Clooney. » 2/24/15 1:15pm 2/24/15 1:15pm

Gloria Steinem Showed Up to Kick Ass on Last Night's The Good Wife

On Sunday night's episode of The Good Wife, an old friend of you and me and everyone we know stopped by to give Julianna Marguiles's character Alicia Florrick a little career advice. As you might expect, it was succinct, inspiring and left Alicia totally reconsidering her future. » 10/06/14 9:30am 10/06/14 9:30am

Gloria Steinem will appear on an upcoming episode of The Good Wife as herself. On Live! with Kelly and Michael, Julianna Marguiles said that she freaked out when Steinem filmed her scene: "I made a fool of myself and then had to email her and had to apologize." Girl, you would not have been the first. » 9/17/14 3:10pm 9/17/14 3:10pm

Jennifer Aniston: I Haven't Failed My Feminism By Not Having Kids

Jennifer Aniston got honest about the media’s fixation on her womb because, like, why are strangers so worried about her vagina and its productivity rate? That’s a valid question for one of Hollywood’s biggest names. » 8/27/14 12:30pm 8/27/14 12:30pm

Gloria Steinem at 80: She Looks Good and Everyone Wants Her to Know It

Gloria Steinem turns 80 today. She makes 80 look good, logistically speaking: her schedule is just as jam-packed as it ever was. She also makes 80 look good physically speaking: to the amazement of her fans, she appears far too young to have spent eight decades on Earth. But for all her accolades and accomplishments,… » 3/25/14 3:00pm 3/25/14 3:00pm

Lady Gaga's Latest Crazy Music Video Idea: Add Some Real Housewives

It is rumored that Lady Gaga has shot a music video for her new single with the cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, finally understanding that in this day and age the real artists are the Real Housewives (sry, Jeff Koons). » 2/12/14 9:00am 2/12/14 9:00am

[Women's rights activist Gloria Steinem, left, gestures toward Oprah Winfrey, as Oprah gives a "thumbs up" after Steinem during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2013, where President Barack Obama awarded Presidential Medals of Freedom. At center is fellow recipient… » 11/20/13 11:30pm 11/20/13 11:30pm

Role Models Re-Imagined As Disney Princesses Will Have You Perplexed

This art project, depicting contemporary and past female role-models has generated a lot of discussion since it made its way over to these parts. » 11/02/13 4:57pm 11/02/13 4:57pm

Azealia Banks Opines On How '212' Changed Her Life, Beefs and Gawker

In today's Tweet Beat, Joyce Carol Oates added her voice to the conversation about commercial versus literary writing, and extensively at that (note: not all tweets included). Plus Azealia Banks had some thoughts again and Gloria Steinem went voting. » 9/10/13 7:40pm 9/10/13 7:40pm

Today in Do Not Want: Pix of Justin Bieber Naked With a Guitar

While the last bastion between us and Justin Bieber's ass has been little more than thin cotton boxers for awhile now, it's all over. I have seen Culo del Beebo, and so will you. These photos were taken at Thanksgiving at his grandma's house in Toronto, where he serenaded her, naked, with an acoustic guitar. Because… » 8/12/13 9:00am 8/12/13 9:00am

NBC Unearths Vintage Footage of Barbara Walters as a Playboy Bunny

Gloria Steinem famously went undercover as a Playboy Bunny in 1963 for her exposé "I Was A Playboy Bunny", but did you know that Barbara Walters donned the Bunny suit a year earlier for a segment on NBC? » 5/13/13 2:10pm 5/13/13 2:10pm

Mary Thom, Titan of Feminism, Dies in a Motorcycle Accident

Mary Thom, a founder and editor of Ms. magazine, an author several times over, and one of the most articulate feminist voices in the latter half of the 20th century, was killed Friday when she crashed her motorcycle on a highway in Yonkers, New York. She was 68. » 4/28/13 12:00pm 4/28/13 12:00pm

One Million NYC Workers Will Finally Get Paid Sick Leave

New York City is on track to order thousands of companies to give paid time off for sick employees, despite the best efforts of business leaders and City Council speaker/mayoral hopeful Christine C. Quinn. The agreement isn't perfect, but it'll allow around one million workers to earn paid time off to recover from… » 3/29/13 2:20pm 3/29/13 2:20pm

Gloria Steinem Doesn’t Care for Real Housewives, Seems Mildly…

On Friday, Gloria Steinem spoke at Simmons College in Boston 40 years after the school gave her a doctorate in human justice. Mostly, Steinem talked about feminism and how more people should avail themselves of a dictionary before they profess themselves to not be feminists, but, as fancy speaking engagements usually… » 3/24/13 5:30pm 3/24/13 5:30pm

Supporting Christine Quinn Is Not as Important as Supporting NYC's…

Christine C. Quinn, the current Speaker of the New York City Council, might be the first female (and LGBT) mayor of NYC. Could she be more of a feminist role model? Uh, yeah, she really could: Quinn's blocked sick-leave legislation from even getting a vote for more than 1,000 days. » 2/21/13 1:05pm 2/21/13 1:05pm