Lindsay Lohan Is Having a Pretty Shitty Monday After Being…

Lindsay Lohan is currently having the Mondayest Monday in the history of Mondays. After arriving 50 minutes late to her date with justice this morning, someone glitter-bombed her on her way into a Los Angeles courthouse. » 3/18/13 2:25pm 3/18/13 2:25pm

Buying Cheap Jewelry Could Have Deadly Consequences

Oh, we all thought we were so clever, buying cheap but cute necklaces and colorful bracelets at places like Forever 21, Target, and Claire's. Sure they might make our outfits look better for a very low price, but it turns out these pieces of crappy jewelry might also be poisoning us. Grr. Looks like it's time to admit… » 3/20/12 7:00pm 3/20/12 7:00pm

Minnesota Giltterbombs the Shit out of Mitt Romney

Fresh off a victory in Florida's GOP primary, Presidential Candidate Mittens Mittlesworth Romney has set his sights on the juicy middle parts of the country. But what he didn't count on was the surprising glitterwarlike nature of Minnesotans, who subjected the candidate to two glitterbombs at a single campaign event… » 2/01/12 6:20pm 2/01/12 6:20pm

Does Ke$ha Know Something We Don't?

Ke$ha is confusing. When I first heard "Tik Tok," I thought it was a joke. An unfunny morning radio jingle, in which a white girl was "rapping." When I realized it was an actual song, I was incredulous — is this what people like now? I was bewildered by the human race. A year ago, I wrote the words, "her music is fucking… » 4/14/11 5:50pm 4/14/11 5:50pm

Will Posh Spice Guest-Judge The Project Runway Season Finale?…

  • Please, baby Jesus, all we want for Christmas is for the rumors that Victoria Beckham will be the guest judge on the season finale of Project Runway to be true! [Rush & Molloy]
  • The Dynamite Hosts are a gang of chiseled male models the fashion set has been booking like crazy to saunter around half-naked at their…
» 12/24/07 11:30am 12/24/07 11:30am