In Which We Convince Our Friend To Try Alli

The pharmaceutical industry is sort of like women's magazines: staffed by blandly attractive people, determined to make you feel bad about yourself, and brimming with new ways to stop you from being fat! Unlike women's magazines, however, Big Pharma has come up with a few weight loss ideas that actually work, which… » 6/19/07 4:51pm 6/19/07 4:51pm

Marketers Of Weight-Loss Drug Really Like Them Some 'Round Table'

The start of summer is still two weeks away, but it's just 9 days until the new weight-loss drug Alli hits pharmacists' shelves! And as writer Gillian Reagan reports in today's New York Observer, Alli's manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline, seems to have a soft spot for... pizza. (Who doesn't?) Not only are company's… » 6/06/07 10:25am 6/06/07 10:25am

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