Rick Ross Got a Cazal Face Tattoo, Discuss

Ricky Rozay decided that a good thing to do just before he turns 39 later this month was to get seven new face tattoos to add to the one already on his lower lip. That is all fine. The thing I have questions about is that, among his crown, crosses, and Maybach Music tats he has also inked the logo for Cazal, the… »1/08/15 4:50pm1/08/15 4:50pm

What Makes You Chug a Beer is The Shape Of Your Glass, Not Your Raging Alcoholism

With the help of 160 lucky social drinkers aged 18 to 40 with no history of alcoholism, a study out of the University of Bristol has determined that glass shape has a big effect on alcoholic consumption rate. The studied drinkers finished their beverages twice as fast out of curved glasses as they did out of straight… »9/01/12 2:15pm9/01/12 2:15pm

Warby Parker Makes Adorable Glasses for Dogs, Wins for Cutest April Fool's Prank

The internet generally becomes an annoying cesspool of lame jokes on April Fool's Day, especially in the arena of online shopping, but today one site's April Fool's goof did manage to elicit a smile from me. Hip, do-gooder eyewear maker Warby Parker unveiled a new "collection" of eyewear for dogs. Appropriately called… »4/01/12 10:15pm4/01/12 10:15pm