The Wage Gap Will Close After We're All Dead

A new study by the Institute for Women's Policy Research institute tracked census data from 1959 to present day to determine when the wage gap would creak shut in America. The results are depressing more than sobering: It's not happening nationally until at least 2058. » 3/13/15 4:20pm 3/13/15 4:20pm

Jill Abramson on Helping Women, Dealing With Sexism and Getting Fired

Jill Abramson — the former executive editor of the New York Times whose unceremonious firing earlier this year was rumored to have been caused by a dispute over salary inequalities (and/or just plain ol' insidious sexism) — has given her first magazine interview since losing her job. It is with Cosmopolitan. » 7/15/14 7:45pm 7/15/14 7:45pm

Woman of Color Becomes Navy's First Female Four-Star Admiral

On Friday, President Obama nominated Vice Admiral Michelle Howard to be the vice chief of naval operations. If confirmed, Howard will not only be the first woman to become a full admiral, but will also be the first woman and the first African-American to hold the Navy's number 2 position. » 12/16/13 5:00pm 12/16/13 5:00pm

For the First Time in 325 Years, a Woman Is Running Lloyd's of London

An exciting moment for a boring industry: The Guardian reports that in January, Inga Beale will take over as CEO of Lloyd's of London. That marks the first time in the insurance market's 325-year history a woman has run the show. » 12/16/13 3:30pm 12/16/13 3:30pm

Julia Pierson Will Be the Secret Service's First Female Director

A pretty thick glass ceiling has been shattered today, with news coming that President Obama will appoint Julia Pierson to replace Mark Sullivan as the director of the Secret Service. » 3/26/13 4:50pm 3/26/13 4:50pm

Geena Davis Wants to Give Hollywood a Heads Up That Female Characters…

When Geena Davis waded through the miasma of G-rated movies with her young daughter, she noticed a troubling phenomenon: male characters outnumbered female characters by a pretty striking margin. What's more, male characters were more often portrayed in leadership positions, meaning that, if a young female viewer were… » 11/25/12 4:00pm 11/25/12 4:00pm

The Next Treasury Secretary Could, Fingers Crossed, Totally Be a Woman

Could the next Treasury Secretary be a woman? Since soothsaying has largely fallen out of fashion since Nate Silver's arithmetic renaissance, it's impossible to know for sure if President Obama will opt to go against the grain of the Wall Street boys' club and appoint one of the many qualified female candidates to… » 11/25/12 12:30pm 11/25/12 12:30pm

Woman Director Told She Didn't Get Job Because of Missing Penis

There's no business like show business. Unless, of course, you're a woman; and then it's just like every other business in the world: seriously fucked. I thought Hollywood was supposed to be a liberal progressive bastion, a place that embraces our differences and broadcasts them to the world in one big fucking kumbaya… » 10/04/12 9:20pm 10/04/12 9:20pm

Now Women Are Catching Just as Many Delicious Lobsters as Men

Earlier today, NPR profiled self-described Maine lobsterman Genevieve Kurilec, who, as owner of her own lobster boat, is at the vanguard of a female incursion into the traditionally macho world of crustacean-gathering. Though Kurilec is now master and commander of the small lobster boat Hello Darling, she had to earn… » 8/19/12 5:30pm 8/19/12 5:30pm

Can Yahoo's New Young, Female CEO Stop Yahoo from Sucking?

Today, Yahoo sent purple exclamation points through Silicon Valley when it announced that longtime Google executive Marissa Mayer will be the company's new CEO. What would possess a woman to go from arguably the coolest internet company to arguably the saddest? Did Mayer bump up against it the world's highest glass… » 7/16/12 6:20pm 7/16/12 6:20pm

Even Female Scientist-Doctors Are Paid Significantly Less Than Their…

Another day, another study that proves women get paid way, way less than men who are at the same stage in their careers: researchers looked at female and male physician-scientists' work hours, academic titles, specialties, ages, and any other factors that could influence their paycheck, making sure to only study… » 6/13/12 1:10pm 6/13/12 1:10pm

Sky Blue, Water Wet, Achievements of Female Scientists Continually…

Over the last two decades, women have made inroads into the male-dominated fields of science, technology, engineering, and medicine. But you wouldn't know it if you asked the men who tend to chair scientific awards committees, who award research-based science awards to men 95% of the time. If a glass ceiling breaks… » 5/09/12 2:45pm 5/09/12 2:45pm

How 'Conscience Clauses' Reinforce the Glass Ceiling

Floridian Senator Marco Rubio has introduced a bill that would allow all employers to pass on paying for birth control for their employees on the grounds that having to pay for woman-sex-problems is against many people's moral beliefs. Sounds like someone's pretty darn nostalgic for the good old days of the… » 2/14/12 3:30pm 2/14/12 3:30pm

Lady Neo-Nazis Shattering the Glass Ceiling of Awfulness

Despite a now 3-year-old article from the Washington Post that offered hormonal proof that women can manage the the pants off of a business venture, they are still underrepresented in leadership positions at law firms and tech companies, and only fill 17 of the chief executive posts at Fortune 500 companies. What's an… » 2/12/12 1:20pm 2/12/12 1:20pm

Sheryl Sandberg Thinks Women Need to Pick Themselves Up by Their…

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and soon to be one of the richest self-made women in the world, has a message for all those women struggling up the corporate ladder that she echoed at the World Economic Forum in Davos this week: take responsibility for your careers and stop blaming men for holding you back. Sandberg… » 2/05/12 4:00pm 2/05/12 4:00pm

Facebook COO Thinks Women Have Blown It

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg says that women of her generation "blew it" and that hope for real female equality lies in the current generation of college graduates. » 5/22/11 2:19pm 5/22/11 2:19pm

Should Women Avoid Workplaces That Lack Female Leadership?

Data showing women are 17 percent of equity partners at top law firms has elicited a predictable debate at Above The Law — blaming mothers, etc. More unusual: the writer's advice to women to refuse to work at male-dominated firms. » 9/02/10 6:11pm 9/02/10 6:11pm

Big Surprises: Naomi Still Not Cooperating With War Crimes Prosecution

Man Declares That The Glass Ceiling No Longer Exists

Oh dear. Sir Stuart Rose, chairman of the UK chain Marks & Spencer, recently declared that "there are really no glass ceilings, despite the fact that some of you moan about it all the time." » 5/31/09 4:40pm 5/31/09 4:40pm