Guess Which Celebrity Keeps 90% of the Proceeds From Her 'Charity' Auctions

Boy oh boy do celebrities ever love talking about auctioning things off for charity. They want you to remember that they're such sweet, kind Disney Princesses that it's hard to see their faces, what with all the birds flying around their heads braiding their hair and basking in their goodness. But did you know that… »1/12/12 7:00pm1/12/12 7:00pm

These Stories of Anonymous Shoppers Paying off People's Layaway Toys Will Make You Cry Your Face Off

In this big bah-humbug world of ours, it's hard to find a story that defies cynicism. But these tales of anonymous "guardian angel" shoppers who have been paying off the KMart layaway balances for poor families trying to buy Christmas presents for their kids is one of those bawl-inducing items that will make even the… »12/16/11 4:45pm12/16/11 4:45pm

Justin Timberlake, Failed Philanthropist • Burned Afghan Teacher Wants Acid Thrown On Attackers

• Some celebrities give big charitable donations »11/25/08 5:40pm11/25/08 5:40pm, reports, but others give less than their foundations cost to run (we're looking at you, Justin Timberlake). • A claims that women in menopause gain weight not because they eat more but because they exercise less due to age and lifestyle constraints. • A British man…