NYFW: Givenchy's First New York Runway Show Was a Tribute to 9/11

Givenchy’s first-ever show during New York Fashion Week was meant to mark its new Manhattan flagship store, and in the spirit of giving they raffled off tickets on their website to commoners with trigger internet-fingers. But the scene was anything but normal: with an hourlong performance art intro directed by Marina… »9/11/15 9:08pm9/11/15 9:08pm

Thirst Trap, Fashion Week Edition: Givenchy Moves Runway Shows to NYC

Can you hear that high-pitched squealing in the distance, seeping into your earholes at the quiet, desperate decibel of a rubber balloon slowly bloodletting molecules of helium? That is your psychic vision of the thirst that will accompany invites to the Givenchy runway show when it relocates from Paris to New York… »7/01/15 7:20pm7/01/15 7:20pm

Cookie Lyon's Closet is For Sale! Here Are My Irrefutible Empire Picks

Following the Empire's exhausting finale this week—Yes Boo Boo Kitty slept with ____ and yes, ____ caught them—you can now buy a piece of Cookie Lyon's cat-print-filled wardrobe for yourself. You too can "taste these cookies," if you will. I ranked the items for your viewing and, perhaps, buying pleasure, if… »3/20/15 3:40pm3/20/15 3:40pm

Givenchy, for the Sad, Bedspread-Loving Eastern-European Orphan in You

Sheer skirts, sweatshirts with Bambi on them, ruffles, patchwork florals… that's what Riccardo Tisci designed for the Givenchy fall/winter 2013 collection. Look closely: Apparently this is the "show of the season", and Cathy Horyn of the Times calls it "heartbreaking and ultra feminine." To me it looks like these poor… »3/04/13 2:25pm3/04/13 2:25pm