Cartoon Network Cancelled a Show Because It Was Too Focused on Girls

Paul Dini is the creator and writer behind the Cartoon Network show Tower Prep, which was cancelled in 2011 after one season. Now Dini has revealed that he's fairly certain it got cut was because he wasn't doing enough to make the show appealing to boys. » 12/19/13 2:15pm 12/19/13 2:15pm

Little Girls Defeat Princess Culture with Giant Rube Goldberg Machine

I hope you're ready to be blown away, because everything about this video has got it all: a hearty rejection of princess dogma, children scream-singing about female empowerment, a giant Rube Goldberg machine... » 11/19/13 5:15pm 11/19/13 5:15pm

Toy Company Profits Are on the Rise Thanks to Girls Toys

Both Hasbro and Mattel have reported a growth in sales this month due to profits from products that skew pink. For Hasbro, that means Furby and My Little Pony. For Mattel, that means American Girl dolls and the ever-present Barbie doll. » 10/21/13 12:30pm 10/21/13 12:30pm

Lego Targets Girls With Pink Blocks, Cute Figures, & No Creativity

Lego is universally beloved because it's a toy that's fun and surreptitiously educational. Instead of just allowing kids to reenact scenes from superhero movies or shoot their sister with a foam dart, Lego bricks let children develop their motor skills, solve problems, and use their imaginations to create anything… » 12/15/11 3:10pm 12/15/11 3:10pm

Store Decides To Integrate Boys' And Girls' Toys; Apocalypse Ensues

A UK toy store has eliminated its girls' and boys' toys sections, instead grouping toys by category. A blogger has claimed this decision as a victory, but the store says it's just responding to customer confusion. » 12/14/11 11:45am 12/14/11 11:45am

How To Turn A Doll Into An Action Figure

"Action figures" and "dolls" tend to be pose-able and non-pose-able, respectively, reflecting the idea that boys are encouraged to be active agents and girls passive objects. So j_l_larson devised a way to make girl toys that can do things. » 1/04/11 6:30pm 1/04/11 6:30pm

Girls Toy Is More Pink, More Pricey, Less Fun

Even when they have less parts, and even when the toys are supposedly gender-neutral, the "girl version" can cost more than the "boy version" — especially at Fisher Price. Is pink plastic really that pricey? » 7/21/10 11:06am 7/21/10 11:06am

Was She-Ra A Feminist Superhero?

A recent New York Times column lamented the lack of female superheroes for girls to emulate. But in the 1980s girls did have a superheroine: She-Ra, who, despite living in a pink castle and not wearing pants, was refreshingly robust. » 8/04/09 4:40pm 8/04/09 4:40pm