Girl Guides Don't Have to Pledge to God and Country Anymore

Girl Guides, the rest of the world's version of Girl Scouts, were always fascinating to me. As a 12-year Girl Scout who stuck with it until senior year of high school (I sold Thin Mints out of my locker and in the school parking lot. What of it?), Girl Guides were the Annie James to my Hallie Parker: basically the… »6/18/13 7:15pm6/18/13 7:15pm


British 'Girl Scouts' Learn About Safe Sex, Know Nothing Of Booty-Calls

Girl Guides is the UK's answer to Girl Scouts. British girls learn first aid, have "outdoor challenges" like rock climbing, and acquire self-respect, teamwork skills, badges and crap like that. There's a Promise you make, (kind of like a pledge) that involves God and the Queen. Anyway, the Telegraph reports that times… »7/25/07 4:45pm7/25/07 4:45pm