Being Straight and Having a Crush on Ruby Rose Doesn't Make You Edgy

If you’re a straight woman who’s been watching the latest season of Orange Is the New Black, chances are that you felt a surprising (not unpleasant) ping! in your nether regions upon arrival of new inmate Stella, played by Ruby Rose. That’s cool! Sexuality exists on a spectrum! Feast your eyes on whomever you choose!… »6/18/15 4:30pm6/18/15 4:30pm

Little Big Town's 'Girl Crush': a Perfect Storm of Country Controversy

In December, the band Little Big Town released "Girl Crush," the second single off their album Pain Killer. The track title wasn't exactly going to endear it to those who chafe at the term "girl crush." But the song's subject matter has also alienated the very people who should love it, because it flirts with… »3/26/15 4:50pm3/26/15 4:50pm

Following Criticism, "Mom In Chief" Michelle Obama Charms Americans

An article in today's New York Times »10/28/08 2:40pm10/28/08 2:40pm how Michelle Obama has come into her own after facing criticism earlier in the campaign, and her ability to market herself to the American public without sacrificing her personality. Where she first presented herself as a smart, tough lawyer, these days, she sticks to telling…

Sarah Haskins On Sarah Palin: Proud Americans Need Token Hillary Estrogen Replacement

Sarah Haskins is back! P.U.M.A.s are for Hillary, cougars bang young dudes, and P.A.N.T.H.E.Rs are for Palin. Learn all about P.A.N.T.H.E.R. pride in the clip above. You may chuckle when Haskins says: "Can she answer that 3 AM phone call? Of course she can! She's already up feeding her baby. And her daughter's baby.… »9/05/08 3:20pm9/05/08 3:20pm

Rachel Maddow For President (Of Cable News, That Is)

There was a time that I didn't like Rachel Maddow. That time was January, and she was on a panel on MSNBC's election night coverage and she was going off on something about Hillary Clinton that I disagreed with. Then she ripped Pat Buchanan a new one about something else and my cold, cold heart melted, just a little.… »7/17/08 6:00pm7/17/08 6:00pm

Awesome Human Being: Kathreya From Big Brother UK 9

I've never been one to watch Big Brother, and certainly not any of the versions from other countries, but today I met Kathreya, a housemate in the current season of Big Brother UK 9. Between her love of cookies, her fashion sense and her general, giddy ridiculousness, she's like a living cartoon character. I could… »6/26/08 7:00pm6/26/08 7:00pm