Poor Moms Invest More in Their Daughters, Rich Moms Invest More in Their Sons

You might not think that a mother's breastmilk would vary much based on the sex of her offspring, but you would be wrong. It turns out a new study has found that when mothers in Kenya were poor, they produced fattier breast milk for their girls than they did for their boys. The roots of this research can be traced… »6/24/12 9:45pm6/24/12 9:45pm

Hilarious Girl Discovers She's a Wizard After Getting Her Wisdom Teeth Pulled

This girl's mother was kind enough to film her in her looped out state after she got surgery on her wisdom teeth, and the girl was brave enough to share her crazed ravings on YouTube. Thank goodness she did because it's quite a long, strange trip she takes us on, including this bit of insight: "I'm a wizard! I… »4/02/12 11:15pm4/02/12 11:15pm

There Are So Many Reasons Not to Buy a Mousepad With Boobs on It [NSFW]

What would you say is the very worst part about this mousepad? The fact that the mouse blocks her lovely animated face? That she's wearing such a flimsy, low-cut tank top in an office? That her "boobs" are actually filled with gel to support your wrist in an ergonomic position while you work, er, surf porn at work?… »3/29/12 11:15pm3/29/12 11:15pm

Parents Leave Daughter at Chuck E. Cheese, Don't Notice Until They See Her on the News

Many families have oft-told stories of the time they drove off and accidentally left little Jimmy at the gas station or dashed out of the house with baby Sarah still in her crib, but those tales usually end with an almost immediate discovery of the forgotten child and a quick return to fetch him or her. Not so with… »3/07/12 11:55pm3/07/12 11:55pm

Amazing Little Girl Can Give Better Directions Than Any GPS

So many of us have become completely dependent on our phones and GPS systems for guidance, that we'd be hard pressed to give someone directions to the nearest corner if asked. Well, not this little genius. She's got the route to her house down pat—and it's not an easy path to travel. I wish there was a way to have… »2/09/12 9:45pm2/09/12 9:45pm

Afghan Man Murders His Wife for Giving Birth to a Girl

In a truly awful act of violence, an Afghan man strangled his wife to death after she gave birth to a second daughter instead of the son he had wanted. The 22-year-old woman, whose name was Estorai, had previously told her family members that her husband was unhappy with the birth of their first daughter and had… »1/30/12 11:55pm1/30/12 11:55pm

Next spring, a 16-year-old schoolgirl will become the first female to play professional baseball in
Next spring, a 16-year-old schoolgirl will become the first female to play professional baseball in Japan. Eri Yoshida was drafted by the Kobe 9 Cruise, a team in a new independent Japanese league. The 5-foot, 114 pound pitcher successfully held male batters hitless for one inning in her tryout earlier this month.… »11/18/08 10:20am11/18/08 10:20am