Watch a Giraffe Give Birth! Live!

Something exciting is going down at the Greenville Zoo in South Carolina—at any moment, 7-year-old giraffe Autumn is about to give birth to a calf, and you, YES YOU can watch the miracle of giraffe birth live! » 8/09/14 1:00pm 8/09/14 1:00pm

Second Zoo in Denmark May Kill Another Giraffe

Just weeks after a zoo in Denmark made a controversial decision to kill a giraffe and feed it to lions and big cats, word comes that a second zoo may put down one of its giraffes. » 2/13/14 9:41am 2/13/14 9:41am

Copenhagen Zoo Kills 'Surplus' Giraffe, Feeds It to Lions and Big Cats

Zookeepers at the Copenhagen Zoo killed a “surplus” giraffe named Marius this weekend. And while that seems cruel, the zoo’s staff is more confused by how their actions have made animal rights activists freak out. » 2/10/14 1:45pm 2/10/14 1:45pm

Giraffes Trying To Usurp Cats As Most Beloved Internet Creatures

Many billions and billions of innocent Facebookers were suddenly taken hostage last week in a dangerous siege sparked by what some are now attributing to a disturbing trend that isn't showing any signs of going away. » 11/02/13 3:58pm 11/02/13 3:58pm

Smart Toddler Corrects Important 'Tiger Bread' Oversight

Does this bread look like a tiger? No, it looks like a giraffe! And Lily Robinson, age 3, wasn't going to stand for it anymore. With the help of her mom, she wrote a letter British chain Sainsbury's, which sold the bread. This touched off a mass Facebook campaign, and this week, the store caved: "In response to… » 2/02/12 5:15pm 2/02/12 5:15pm

Baby Giraffe Stays Within Mom's Reach

[Germany, February 22: Giraffe Magoma, right, born two weeks ago, and his mother Koobi, stand in their enclosure in the Cologne Zoo. Image via AP.] » 2/22/11 11:56pm 2/22/11 11:56pm

Baby Giraffe Tee-Totals on New Year's

This youngster's not quite old enough to ring in the New Year with champagne, but he's definitely young enough to top off your "cutest baby animal pix of 2010" list. (Image via Snuzzy.) » 12/31/10 5:25pm 12/31/10 5:25pm