Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy Malcontents and Misanthropes

Unfortunately, the holidays are here. The sooner we purchase presents for our favorite sad sacks, the faster they can sigh "thanks?" and we can all get back to our miserable little lives. So here's what to buy the grumpiest, grouchiest hateful little monsters in your life. If you have the sick need to keep these… » 11/25/12 2:30pm 11/25/12 2:30pm

Gifts for Your Friend Who Thinks She's Rihanna

Is your friend the kind of girl who wears a rings above her knuckle, takes pictures of herself smoking weed, wears a bra as a shirt but also wears shirts without bras? Does she very carefully craft a look that says, "I don't give a fuck" but in reality gives quit a few fucks? Do chains and whips excite her? Answer yes… » 11/21/12 4:00pm 11/21/12 4:00pm

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Dejected Republican

When we asked for suggestions on what sort of gift a person might buy for a dejected Republican, most of the suggestions went something like this — "A CLUE AND A PLANE TICKET TO SOMALIA OR THE INSIDE OF MY BUTTHOLE!" Well, a clue won't fit in my future in-laws stockings, and I'm afraid buying a conservative college… » 11/20/12 6:30pm 11/20/12 6:30pm

Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy a Self-Proclaimed Slut

Stumped about what to buy your favorite self-proclaimed slut? Sure, you could get her lingerie and a vibrator (and, don't worry, there are some of the latter on this list), but she probably already has the essentials, right? Here are some more creative ideas for the friend who has no idea where (or with whom) she'll… » 11/20/12 3:00pm 11/20/12 3:00pm

Holiday Gift Guide: Presents for Stoners

It would seem like stoners are the easiest people to shop for because all you need to do is give them some weed. But that's so impersonal. It's the equivalent of giving an Amazon gift card. Plus, in all honesty, if your friends are really that into pot, then they probably smoke really good shit and don't need your… » 11/19/12 7:00pm 11/19/12 7:00pm

Holiday Gift Guide: What Would You Buy a Self-Proclaimed Slut?

I'm putting together a gift guide for self-proclaimed sluts and want to hear your suggestions. Best bang for your buck sex toys? Lazy ways to make your sheets smell nice? What about easily portable dry shampoo? Submit your ideas below, and I'll include some of the best ones with my own selections next week! » 11/13/12 7:20pm 11/13/12 7:20pm

Holiday Gift Guide: What Would You Buy a Pop Culture Junkie?

As you know, Shopping Season is almost upon us! We're gathering input for our upcoming Gift Guides. I'll be handling Gifts For Pop Culture Junkies. I've got some ideas of my own, but I'd love to hear what you'd suggest for folks who are TV-obsessed, or music buffs, or connoisseurs of film. (Maybe you're an… » 11/13/12 5:40pm 11/13/12 5:40pm