Gifts for the Athlete Who Cannot Be Contained By a Gym

I hate the gym. Hate is, perhaps, a strong word, but I certainly and adamantly prefer not to be inside one. Unless a person is a fan of group fitness classes, they’re basically misery caves, especially in the winter— sweaty, air saturated with aspirated moisture from the pores of other humans, exertion sounds,… »Yesterday 2:40pm11/24/15 2:40pm

A Gift Guide for People Who Wish to Shower Their Loved Ones With Shade

The holidays can be tricky. You're more or less obligated to give gifts to people who consider themselves your loved ones, but what if you don't really like them all that much? Or if they've been super annoying lately? Good thing there's a way for you to fulfill your gift-giving duties while shading all the obnoxious… »12/11/14 5:10pm12/11/14 5:10pm

​Gifts That'll Make Your Significant Other Less Annoying

The holidays are here, bringing the promise of good cheer, the scent of fresh-baked cookies, and the steadily increasing stress over choosing the proper gift for your significant other. Then there are the stretches of quality time together, often in high-pressure environments like crowded airports, when mildly… »12/04/14 5:30pm12/04/14 5:30pm

Gifts For Your Most Delinquent Loved Ones

Best friend likes to smuggle dimebags on cross-country flights? Brother prone to petty theft? Boyfriend chronic double-parker? Is your mom totally running an illicit numbers game in the basement of your childhood home? SAME! We've compiled a gift for the victimless criminal in your life, in hopes of making them more… »12/03/14 4:00pm12/03/14 4:00pm

The $296,133 Christmas: A Financial Tally of Celebrity Gift Guides

In the business of taste-making, holiday gift guides provide an important moment for celebrities with lifestyle brands to communicate their style. But given that celebrities tend to be super rich, are they really the best people to turn to when it comes to shopping lists? How in tune are they with their target demos?… »12/20/13 4:15pm12/20/13 4:15pm