These Randy Cartoon Characters Will Make You Laugh Out Loud (NSFW)

Hornytoongifs is a new Tumblr that has been making the internet rounds since it exploded earlier this week. The blog, which started in January pairs together pictures of barely-clothed male models (okay, in some cases they are naked but genitals are blurred) with gifs of cartoon characters engaging in naughty… » 3/22/14 4:35pm 3/22/14 4:35pm

Reddit Users Sum Up First Sexual Experience in Gifs

The first time a person has sex is both magical and (can be) loaded with frustration and disappointment. And because such an event should be remembered and relived forever, Reddit users took to the site to sum up their first sexual experience in GIFs, the only real way to express how that first time felt. » 2/22/14 6:15pm 2/22/14 6:15pm