Gendered Toy Commerical Mashups Are Insane (And Telling, Too)

We've seen how Lego's boy and girl commercials seem intent on keeping the genders separate from childhood, but what about the rest of the toy world? What happens when, for instance, you play G.I. Joe's bone-crunching heavy metal toy commercial music in a video of Barbie trying on her latest swimsuit? Total and utter… »3/30/12 11:40am3/30/12 11:40am

Charlie Sheen Completes Human-To-Meme Transformation In Record Time

SNL opened with a skit of the man acting unhinged. Charlie Sheen broadcast himself acting unhinged. Everyone's Tweeting jokes about WINNING and tiger blood and being on a drug called Charlie Sheen. The actor separates from and then reunites with a woman he refers to as one of "the goddesses" within like five seconds.… »3/06/11 10:30am3/06/11 10:30am