Hollywood Squares Rebooted as Hip-Hop Squares; Ghostface Killah Is the…

Remember the other night when The Game dumped two bottles of $1,400 Ace Of Spades champagne on the street and then bought hot dogs for everyone, and you were like, "I would really enjoy this sort of joie de vivre in a square"? » 4/21/12 12:15pm 4/21/12 12:15pm

Ghostface Killah Dispenses Some More Relationship Advice

Today in Tweet Beat, Ghostface Killah explains how a man can tell if a woman is spoiled. Plus, Coco is launching a swimsuit line. It's basically just a collection of strings. » 4/14/11 7:40pm 4/14/11 7:40pm

Ghostface Killah Gives Some Sage Valentine's Day Advice

Today in Tweet Beat, Ghostface Killah instructs his followers on how to treat a lady. Plus, Dog the Bounty Hunter got Beth a sick giant ring. » 2/14/11 7:41pm 2/14/11 7:41pm

50 Cent Hustles During Snowpocalypse

Today in Tweet Beat, even 50 Cent has to shovel his own driveway. Plus, Hugh Hefner gives his sons—who are only four and five years younger than their soon-to-be step mom—every issue of Playboy for Christmas. » 12/27/10 7:30pm 12/27/10 7:30pm

Toni Braxton Says Early '90s Plastic Surgery Doesn't Count

Today in Tweet Beat, Toni Braxton hasn't had any plastic surgery, except for those times when she did. Plus, Nick Cannon wants to talk about homophobia. » 12/08/10 7:30pm 12/08/10 7:30pm

Fist-Pumping Is Apparently Not A Gender Neutral Activity

Today in Tweet Beat, JWoww schools us on fist-pumping protocol. Also, thanks to Coco, now we know that there's such a thing as a facial for your pussy (not cat). » 11/30/10 7:43pm 11/30/10 7:43pm

Kanye Throws Another Fit; No Sex For Speidi