Magnificent '80s Oprah Counsels a Woman Who Had Sex With a Ghost

Whatever intern runs the YouTube account of the OWN network has been hitting out of the park this week, as the channel now features several vintage clips of Oprah interviewing people who claim to have encountered ghosts. All of the clips are their own flavor of spectacular, but this clip from Halloween 1988 with an… » 10/24/14 6:40pm 10/24/14 6:40pm

Ke$ha on Having Sex with a Ghost: 'I Had Sex with a Ghost.'

So...Ke$ha had $ex with a gho$t. Okay? $he had $ex with a gho$t. $he and the gho$t, they got together "a couple" of time$, and he put hi$ gho$t peni$ into one of her mortal orifice$, and it in$pired her new $ong "$upernatural." Okay? Okay?? IT'$ JU$T GHO$T $EX. WHAT I$ YOUR QUE$TION. Here's Ke$ha talking a bunch.… » 9/26/12 8:35pm 9/26/12 8:35pm

Woman Photographs Surprisingly Sexy Ghost Sex

While we definitely see the appeal of terrorizing our enemies after we've passed, it seems like haunting rundown buildings would get a little old after a few decades. Now an Ohio woman has undeniable proof that it's only the really disturbed ghosts who become preoccupied with pestering the living. The rest are too… » 11/02/11 12:20pm 11/02/11 12:20pm