Ke$ha on Having Sex with a Ghost: 'I Had Sex with a Ghost.'

So...Ke$ha had $ex with a gho$t. Okay? $he had $ex with a gho$t. $he and the gho$t, they got together "a couple" of time$, and he put hi$ gho$t peni$ into one of her mortal orifice$, and it in$pired her new $ong "$upernatural." Okay? Okay?? IT'$ JU$T GHO$T $EX. WHAT I$ YOUR QUE$TION. Here's Ke$ha talking a bunch.… » 9/26/12 8:35pm 9/26/12 8:35pm

Woman Photographs Surprisingly Sexy Ghost Sex

While we definitely see the appeal of terrorizing our enemies after we've passed, it seems like haunting rundown buildings would get a little old after a few decades. Now an Ohio woman has undeniable proof that it's only the really disturbed ghosts who become preoccupied with pestering the living. The rest are too… » 11/02/11 12:20pm 11/02/11 12:20pm