Date Rape Drug Detecting Nail Polish Will Not Possibly Work

If you thought it smelled a bit like acetone and bullshit, you were right. That innovative nail polish that promised to detect date rape drugs has been the subject of both praise and scrutiny over the last week, but this tidbit should change the tenor of the conversation a bit: an exasperated-sounding pharmaceutical… »8/27/14 12:45pm8/27/14 12:45pm

Polish Baby Factory Is Open For Business • Date Rape Drugs May Be Banned In UK

A surrogate "baby factory" has opened in Poland »8/08/08 5:30pm8/08/08 5:30pm where 37 young women are ready to give birth to babies for couples unable to conceive for roughly $22,000 a child. • An 84-year-old Nigerian man with 86 wives taking so many partners, but he was granted his power to "control" and "heal" women by God, so, you know,…