Ghanaian Health Officials Recall Over a Million Broken Chinese Condoms

Distributing condoms to health clinics in countries with high rates of maternal mortality or HIV infection is a great and worthy endeavor. Except, of course, when those condoms are too small, inadequately lubricated, and riddled with holes as in the case of about a million condoms imported to Ghana from China. » 4/21/13 11:30am 4/21/13 11:30am

Meet the Awesome Female Pilots of Ghana

She was 19 years old when she saw an airplane for the first time, but two years ago, on her 21st birthday, Patricia Mawuli became Ghana's first licensed female pilot. And that was just the beginning: She helped found that country's AvTech Academy, where young women learn how to fly, build and maintain light aircraft.… » 5/18/12 5:15pm 5/18/12 5:15pm