Hollywood Once Informed Winona Ryder She Wasn't "High-School-Popular" Hot

At the press junket for Tim Burton's new animated movie Frankenweenie, frequent Burton player Winona Ryder reminisced about coming of age in Hollywood in the '90s and meeting Burton for the first time when he was casting Beetlejuice. "I was talking to someone in the waiting room for awhile, just about movies and… »10/06/12 1:30pm10/06/12 1:30pm


What Will Cloris Leachman Do Next? "I Could Get Pregnant"

There are many great bits in the profile of 82-year-old Cloris Leachman »10/20/08 1:30pm10/20/08 1:30pm in yesterday's , but you've got to love the fact that when the actress met reporter Edward Wyatt in her trailer about an hour after performing a tango for , she changed out of her ballgown in front of him. She made him promise to keep his eyes…

Self-Proclaimed "Worst Bitch In The World," Mr. Blackwell, Dead At 86

The fashion critic known as Mr. Blackwell died Sunday »10/20/08 10:30am10/20/08 10:30am after an illness, reports the Associated Press. He was 86. Born Richard Sylvan Selzer in 1922, Mr. Blackwell created a career out of being bitchy and snarky — decades before the internet was born. Though Blackwell started out as an actor, he abandoned stage and…