Pregnancy Lasts as Long as It Does Because Your Metabolism Is Lazy

Scientists have explained the fact that humans, unlike wildebeests, for instance, are born as helpless and vulnerable as shell-less mussels by pointing to the relatively small size of the female pelvis and collectively hissing, "It's all your fault!" New research, however, suggests that the apparently insufficient… » 8/28/12 12:00pm 8/28/12 12:00pm

Even Full-Term Babies Benefit From More Time In Womb

Though a baby delivered at 37 weeks is still considered full-term, a new study finds that infants born in weeks 37 or 38 still have a higher death risk in the first year than those who stay in the womb until week 39. Says lead study author Dr. Uma M. Reddy, "Women need to know that all ‘term' pregnancies are not… » 5/30/11 5:45pm 5/30/11 5:45pm