The Controversial Reports of Sexual Assault in Cologne Don't Legally Qualify as Crimes

Last New Year’s Eve, 467 reports of sexual assault and harassment were reported in Cologne, Germany, after a public celebration took a dark turn. Those reports also indicated that many of the alleged assailants were Moroccan and Algerian refugees, complicating the narrative in a country where the Syrian refugee crisis…

Declassified Documents: U.S. Military Bombed the Nazi Germany Oil Refinery That Fred Koch Helped Build

Among the revelations in Dark Money, Jane Mayer’s expansive new book on the Koch brothers and the rise of contemporary American conservatism, is that Fred Koch, the billionaire duo’s father, once helped build an oil refinery in Nazi Germany. The New York Times broke that item last week, but left out a key detail from…

German Police Investigate Dozens of New Years Eve Sexual Assaults By Pack of 1,000 Men 

Police in Cologne, Germany, are investigating dozens of reports of sexual assault and at least one rape by a group of roughly 1,000 men who rampaged through a New Year’s Eve celebration on the city streets. The attacks, described as “unprecedented,” were perpetrated by men who appeared to be of “Arab” or North African…

Report: Suicide Bomber Tried To Enter France-Germany Game And Was Turned Away By Security

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, one of the attackers who detonated a suicide bomb outside of the Stade de France during last night’s France-Germany friendly had a ticket to the match and attempted to enter the stadium, when stadium security discovered his bomb vest. From the report: