Little Girl Romps in a Magical Meadow with a Pack of Adoring German Shepherds

This video seems like footage from a secret, Narnia-like dimension where every child, as part of its birthright, gets a pack of well-behaved, playful dogs. It sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Unless you have severe allergies, in which case this video probably looks like footage from your least favorite nightmare. »3/25/13 7:40pm3/25/13 7:40pm

A Clockwork Orange Ain't Got Nothing on This Puppy Training Video

The world's craziest dog training video. Well, I think it's a dog training video. It might also just be cult indoctrination via hynotherapy. There are horror scenes in here titled "placing on a cold wet towel" and "tactile stimulation." This is like Waco for dogs. There's a whole bit with puppies nursing while… »10/19/12 7:00pm10/19/12 7:00pm