Scream Like It's 2001: Timberlake Reuniting With *NSYNC at VMAs

Justin Timberlake will reunite with late '90s asterisk pirates *NSYNC for a performance at the VMAs, which I like to imagine they strong-armed him into. ("What, you're too good for us now just because you got rid of your Instant Ramen-looking hair and married the hot girl from Summer Catch?") But they aren't rushing… » 8/20/13 9:00am 8/20/13 9:00am

Georgina Bloomberg Offers a Sensible Take on Her Father’s NYC Soda Ban

No big soda? Like, forever? If you live in New York under the merciless reign of the soft drink despot Michael Bloomberg, odds are you probably asked yourself those very same questions before strongly considering moving underground to join the ranks of the subway tunnel mole people, who let their citizens drink all… » 6/09/12 4:30pm 6/09/12 4:30pm

Mayor Bloomberg's Newly-Dumped Daughter Trashes Boyfriend in New York…

Georgina Bloomberg's Olympic speed skater boyfriend dumped her days after she was thrown from her horse during an equestrian competition. What's the classy way to respond? Complain to the media! Backfire-proof. » 11/14/10 5:20pm 11/14/10 5:20pm

Georgina Bloomberg Fractures Spine

The 28-year-old professional show jumper, Olympian, and daughter of NYC's mayor took a fell off her horse during a tournament, suffering a concussion and fracturing her spine. She walked away from the fall and didn't feel severe pain until later. » 11/08/10 9:23am 11/08/10 9:23am

McQueen Cremated With Lock Of Isabella's Hair; Japanese Teenagers Get…