A Georgia Teacher Asked a Muslim Teen If She Was Carrying a Bomb in Her Backpack 

A father of a Muslim middle school student says a teacher asked his 13-year-old daughter if she was carrying a bomb in her backpack. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Abdirizak Aden, a Somali immigrant, said that his daughter, an eighth grader in Gwinnett County, Georgia, was stopped by a teacher on Monday.

Report: Chris Brown Refused to Appear at Gay Pride Event Because Gay Men Were There [UPDATED]

This is... odd but not unbelievable: the Georgia Voice, an LGBT community paper, is reporting that Chris Brown bailed on a scheduled appearance at an Atlanta Black Gay Pride Weekend event. The supposed reason? The event, billed as “the biggest girl party in the country,” also had a handful of gay men in attendance.

A Couple Got Married at a Georgia Confederate Flag Rally 

Confederate flag supporters spent this past weekend rallying at Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park, where everyone agreed that the flag is about “heritage, not hate,” and where undercover police reportedly marched with protesters, intervening when a counter-protester made fun of the event. Also, a couple named Timothy and…