George W. Bush Keeps Up a Nice Friendship With Accused Anti-Gay Hate Group

When he’s not busy making terrible paintings of dogs, former leader of the free world George W. Bush has to find some other ways to fill his days—like keeping up a correspondence with the World Congress of Families, which opposes gay marriage, abortion, and pornography, and which the Southern Poverty Law Center calls…

Laura Bush on George W.'s Paintings: 'You've Only Seen the Very Early Ones' 

Jenna Bush Hager and her mother Laura Bush went on The Tonight Show to promote a children’s book they wrote about appreciating nature—an interesting sentiment, considering their family’s ties to the oil industry—and ended up chattin’ about another thing they appreciate: dad’s childlike, nightmarish paintings.

George W. Bush: I Know Jeb Would Be a Good President Since 'I Were One'

George W. Bush is out on the campaign trail stumping for Jeb, a development that definitely does not give us chilling flashbacks and stress diarrhea. Last night they went on Fox News together, where Sean Hannity beamed at them with delight and W. joyfully mangled the English language as though not a single day had…

Jon Stewart Grilling Iraq War Slimeball Judith Miller Is Very Satisfying

“So, so, so... euuuggh boy.” These were the first words Jon Stewart said to former New York Times reporter Judith Miller and Wednesday night Daily Show guest, and though they do not complete a sentence, within them there is so much history, resignation, and blame. Then, he came right out with it: “My feeling has…