Diane Sawyer Stepping Down as Anchor of ABC World News

ABC has announced that World News's Diane Sawyer will be stepping down from her role as anchor in order to pursue other roles with the network. Replacing her will be Good Morning America cohost George Stephanopoulos for breaking stories and David Muir for day-to-day anchoring duties, thus returning network nightly… »6/25/14 9:40am6/25/14 9:40am

Romney's Campaign Calls Women's Issues Nothing But 'Shiny Objects' of Distraction

In their neverending quest to alienate the lady voters of America, Romney's campaign took another giant (mis)step toward accomplishing the goal of having only one woman cast her vote for Mitt in November. (Ann Romney is nothing if not loyal to dear Mittens.) Romney's senior campaign advisor Eric Fehrnstrom was on… »6/03/12 11:55pm6/03/12 11:55pm

Rick Santorum Definitely Hates Porn, But He Certainly Doesn't Mind Profiting From It

Rick Santorum, who will never be President but who can still keep his boyish dreams alive by pretending he can run for AmericaPope, has caught some flack in the last few days for his puritanical position on porn. Santorum believes that porn is responsible for all manner of social ills, from divorce to critical lack of… »3/21/12 12:40pm3/21/12 12:40pm

Watch GMA's George Stephanopoulos and Josh Elliott Go Into Full-On Protective Dad Mode

Because gross and unsettling things rarely seem to clear up on their own, 41-year-old James Hooker and 18-year-old Jordan Powers, the couple who met when Powers was enrolled in Hooker's classroom at a Modesto, California high school, have continued their awful media circus, this time going on Dr. Phil to be… »3/14/12 11:00am3/14/12 11:00am

Herman Cain's Mistress Is The Most Boring Mistress Ever

Herman Cain's alleged mistress Ginger White took to Good Morning America this morning, where George Stephanopoulos tried to ask her a bunch of gotcha questions and White responded by successfully avoiding saying one interesting thing. How is it that she's so boring? Her name's Ginger! She was flown all around the… »11/30/11 11:10am11/30/11 11:10am

It turns out that it's not just us who miss Sarah Palin's presence on the national stage.
It turns out that it's not just us who miss Sarah Palin's presence on the national stage »11/24/08 10:45am11/24/08 10:45am. She's from Oprah, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Jon Stewart, Barbara Walters and George Stephanopoulos, in addition to calls from talent agents. So far, she's got 800 requests for appearances (just through 2009) and a total of 200…